'Teetering, Tilting' - A POEM

Teetering, tilting
Dangling, upon the edge
Of life, as it hangs
In a precarious disposition
With will to live
And desire, to succeed
One moves away
From the perilous ledge
And it took much
To do it
To decide to not
Simply lose one's way
But another event occurs
Another storm slowly stirs
And one returns
To teetering, tilting
And dangling
On the ledge
Upon the edge
Ready to make
Final pledge

© Dean R Boic 2017


  1. I can't stop that, buddy...but you know what? I'm an 'edge-ian' too, right up against it, all the time.I believe in something. It's all that keeps me here, and why should I even want to stay? Mostly, it's chemistry. For two years, here, my friendship with you, has kinda sustained me, and made it possible to cope. But, that's unfair to you. It's a blessing to know you, but I know, my friend, it's a tough go for you, for its own reasons...which I can't solve or help. But thanks, for being a bro. Take care compadre. I'm here, in the sage brush and the air...Pistolero!


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