Last Ride - POEM

This morning I left the house
To take my daughter to school
On the way I drove past
An accident, which clearly
Had just occurred
I was driving past
And couldn’t see much
So I thought no more of it
I dropped my daughter off at school
And came back the same way
Where I saw cops
On the scene, paramedics
And ambulances
And a body, a lifeless one
Being placed into one
Of the ambulances
Now, it’s not the most
Dangerous road, far from it
You can see cars coming
From both directions
There’s nothing limiting
One’s view
The sun wasn’t even out
It was overcast
So there wasn’t even a glare
How fast would someone
Have to be driving
To cause such a collision
That someone is either
Dead, or gravely injured?
It’s a sad thing
In this country,
In this world,
In this day and age,
That people cannot
And do not consider
The consequences of their actions
Before they commit them
And it’s even sadder still
That our lives can be taken,
The thread of our existence cut
In an instant
Brought on by a stupid brash action
Caused by
Wilful ignorance,
A disregard for human life
And blatant, unabashed
A prime example
Of cause and effect
It's sad
and reckless
and I wonder if anyone
has any idea how it feels
to lose a loved one
to something 
so unnecessary...
If we all thought for a moment
about others
we could save lives
instead of taking them along
for a last ride...

© Dean R Boic 2016 (image courtesy of


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