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About Me

Hi there,

There comes a time in every writers life that where they must market their work. This blog is exactly that; a way for me to market and provide exposure for my written novels as well as poetry. Obviously, I write novels as well as poems. My first novel is available on and is entitled "Detective Don Garcia: Winging It". If hilarious short stories are your thing then it is for you. 

More recently i have published a book of poems entitled Poems By an Observer of The World. The title should speak for itself, but summarized it is about society, the world we live in and general emotions and feelings that we experience on a daily basis. 

I myself am a reserved individual who writes because I enjoy it, when I have the time. At present it is a hobby; yes, unfortunately I am still having to work a day job. That's why I have created this blog though; hopefully I can retire soon haha. I am married with a beautiful wife and 2 precious little kids, Mishka is 2 and a half years old and Vilko is a mere 3 months ol
d right now. I am the quintessential family man, housed in a mind that wants to and does think differently from the conventional.

My writing is naturally so and may offend certain types, but that's the joy of writing isn't it? It can be interpreted in any way you see fit. It can be critiqued, reviewed and ripped to shreds, or it can be given compliments. I am hoping for the latter but I am all for constructive criticism, in moderation of course. 

So that's me in a nutshell. Feel free to ask any questions and please support my aspiration of becoming a full-time writer. 

Welcome and thank you for visiting my blog

Dean R Boic

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