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Yes, it has been a while. I've been so busy posting poems and the like that I actually forgot that I need to say something to my loyal followers. I do apologise for the virtual silence, but I suppose at the very least there was at least something worth reading in the meantime.

Two notable improvements with regard to my writing career:

1. - I have published my latest novel, 'Tales Of Kalash Part I: Uncensored Chronicles Of The Inappropriate', on the site. You can log in quite effortlessly using either Facebook or entering in your email address, thereafter you can vote by clicking the heart icon and after that you may even review the story. IT IS NOT a spam site, contrary to what people are posting on the internet. These are the unfounded ramblings of the permanently unhappy types; yes, cynics. Fuck them, I say. It's the equivalent of gamers who feel that 'Diablo III' is too cartoony. These people will never be pleased, so let's just forget about them.

2. Something Or Other Publishing - I have submitted the same novel for possible publication on this site, which will also utilise a voting system, which can in turn result in the book being published traditionally, i.e. a veritable success story, at least I can hope. More news to follow on this new venture..

3. Poetry And Short Stories - I have also submitted a number of poems and short stories for consideration on numerous online platforms. In the same token as the previous point; more news to follow on this..

And that's it for the news side of things. My blog has been attracting a number of views lately as well as my Facebook author page, for which I am duly and deeply grateful to those who have taken the time to show their interest. What is a cock without the dawn? The same as an author with no fans. You, my doting fans, are my dawn, helping me sketch a new horizon as the rising sun does every morning.

One more thing - you can follow this blog by choosing to subscribe at the bottom right of the blog, as far as I can tell on any page. That way, you'll get an email every time I post something on here. The wonder...of technology...

Did I mention I was grateful? Well, I am. Thanks again. Talk soon.

Dean R Boic


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