The Injustice Of Love - POEM

Where do I hide, from the injustice of Love

When fools, dare, to tango,

With temptresses, of the night,

And roguishly, good-looking, boys

That ensnare their victims. . .

And left, to be torched,

Our beautiful emotions, spent,

And what have we, learned

Whence, we have yearned,

So blindly, so foolishly,

So repetitively, and each

Time-trodden bruise, covered up

As mere reflections we are,

Of our former selves,

Each crippling, fantastic experience,

Chipping, away,

At the once whole image

Of the innocent, regretless

Beginning. . .

Why would we hide, from the injustice of Love,

When every bone, in our bodies,

Longs, for the joy,

That Love brings. . .

© Dean R Boic 2016


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