A Call To Awareness - [POEM]

Things are a little fucked
Right now,
Things are looking a bit pear-shaped
Right now,
The universe is saying,
“Pull your finger,
Out of your ass,
And everyone in the world’s
Saying, “I only care
About me
And what happens
To me.”
Me won’t matter
And neither will I
If the world should fall
To irreparable shit
It’s heading there
It’s been plotting this course
For quite some time
But we’ve all been too busy
Too self-involved,
Too self-absorbed
Thumbing through our newsfeeds
Forgetting about it
At this rate,
This descending, dropping,
We can forget about
Forgetting about anything
Because there might not be
Anything left
To remember

© Dean R Boic 2016


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