Writing Nowadays - POEM

It’s different these days
Being a writer, that is
You toil away, in front of a screen
Chiselling out your words
Like a piano player
Instead of writing it out
On paper, or a bulky typewriter
Having to scrap every page that had
More than a few errors
No more mailing it by post
We’ve got the internet now
And even though we have it
We’re still invisible
In a never-ending sea of people
We’ve now got to do
All the marketing ourselves
A painstaking and humbling process
But nonetheless harrowing
You’ve got to contact editors
And blow their horns
You’ve got to sell your soul
And pitch your words
Carefully, like a seasoned chef
Administering a pinch of a crucial ingredient
You must know what to submit
And when to submit
You must network with other authors
Open accounts wherever publicity and interest
May be generated
You’ve got to blog;
Holy shit; a daily exercise
You’ve got to engage with possible
And potential readers
You’ve got to talk nice;
Lick their balls 
With a Cheshire grin
You’ve then got to accept royalties
Earned, but paid only a fraction
You’ve got to compete with cheats
In competitions, where cheating
Is hardly necessary
You’ve got to get through all this
And still
Have a mind left
To write

© Dean R Boic 2016


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