Why Nobody Likes Writers - POEM

If I wanted to
I could easily approach
Each and every writer
Or poet
Or blogger
That I know
And ask them,
“Hey, how’s the writing going?”
But I know what they’d say,
“It’s going slow.”
“Well, I’m still relying on
My day job.”
That’s exactly what
I would say
I’m in the same boat as
Them, the same
Situation as
Them, unless
I’ve made it big
Then nobody
Can contact me
Not even to ask
For a tip
Or two
"Go away,"
they say,
"I’m busy
Making money
And I won’t
Give you
A clue."
And I surmise
From my own
Deductions that
This is why
Nobody likes

© Dean R Boic 2016 (Image courtesy of azquotes.com, quote by Quentin Tarantino)


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