The Snag (Of Extremism) - POEM

It’s kind of funny
And kind of sad
But it’s reached that point,
hasn’t it?
We’ve all been had
It’s come full circle
Ironically, the general shape
of the Earth, the planet,
on which we all stand
Somebody, somewhere,
knew somebody, somewhere
And you’d think
that’s kind of irrelevant
to your life and lot
but guess what, it isn’t
definitely not…
That somebody, out there,
who knew somebody, over there,
called someone a dick
insulted his religion
or he read his religious text
the wrong way, might have
taken it in the wrong context
now they’ve gone and
killed innocent people at an
Eagles Of Death Metal concert
in Paris, France
they’ve gone and
killed innocent people
at the airport, in Brussels,
now here I sit
the southern-most tip
of Africa, yes, Africa
leaps and bounds,
miles and kilometers,
oceans away,
from the shit-storm over there
and they’re saying,
“Don’t go to the malls,
you might get bombed”
during the entire period
known as Ramadan
because hey, there might just be
a few US citizens, on vacation,
that far away from man’s latest
unavoidable shit-storm
if that’s the case,
and it seems like it is,
every single country
that might welcome tourists,
an unheard of thing,
is a target for this lunacy..
That was the sad part
now here’s the funny
if Christians decided
“hey, it’s Christmas,
the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ,
let’s bomb every non-believer
to show our unwavering faith”
it’d be a similar scenario
and, too, a veritable shit-storm
my point is this;
if you want to be a savage
don’t cite religion as your excuse
for worldwide massacres
and suicide bombings
because there’s no-one around
to confirm, or verify,
that your actions are indeed just
we can’t dial God on conference call
and ask him what’s  going on
and neither can we approach
any other deity,
with the same question in mind
it’s just not logically sound
it’s just not going to work
pretend as you might
at best, we have a chance
at finding out the truth,
at the end of our ropes,
the end of our tethers,
yes, when we’re dead
and then there’s still the matter,
once having seen the truth,
of letting those who are alive know,
what is up
and I say,
‘Good luck
getting around that snag’.
© Dean R Boic 2016 (image courtesy of


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