The Beauty And Strangeness Of The Heart - POEM

Beating hearts
Some that beat as one
Broken hearts
Shattered, but living on
Warm hearts
Warmed by something, or someone
Or more accurately, someone's love
Sad hearts
That can be moved by nothing, or no-one
And angry hearts
That can be moved
By none of the above
Hearts are such
Capable of so, so much
Impervious, impenetrable
To certian events or entities
Identities or personalities
Yet vulnerable to, weak against
The words, actions
And eventual atrocities
Committed by those
Who one usually
Can ignore
But as one can do that
So too, can they adore
The same heart that was wounded
Like a tyre, punctured,
All its air, bled out
Can love the heart
That bled it out
A beautiful
And strange arrangement


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