Greetings again,

Yesterday I mentioned that I would have news soon about my latest novel. Well, here it is... The idea of my novel has been approved on Something Or Other Publishing's site, and you can now vote for it. As the votes increase, so too will the benefits. By voting you indicate an interest in the story and also in possibly purchasing it upon release. At 2000 votes I can get a publishing deal, so that is the game plan. Along the way to 2000 votes, I can also receive editorial advice, an editing package as well as assistance with the cover art. So, if I get to 2000 votes, the book that will be released will be ten times better (or something like that). Here's my pitch, followed by the link:

Vote for my book on Something Or Other Publishing's site, follow this link and do the right thing...2000 votes equals a publishing deal. Need some help getting there. It's an erotic fantasy with a strong focus on humour. The story of a rebellious prince who ends up having to save the world. Whilst the novel itself is deemed mature due to its content, the purpose of this novel is to show that while a novel can be deeply profane and almost lewd, it can still be lighthearted. A sort of 'passive resistance' attempt at highlighting the flaws in censorship....

‘Tales Of Kalash Part I: Uncensored Chronicles Of The Inappropriate’ by Dean R Boic

So help me win this thing!

Thank you
Dean R Boic


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