'Same Difference' - POEM

I’ve got a buddy
He lives in New Mexico
Amongst the cacti
And the desert
And the evil-looking insects,
Denizens of that dry land
He’s a writer
Or rather, in his words,
A poet, tit for tat,
A little bit of this,
And a little bit of that,
He writes what he wants
When he wants
In his own, authentic style
He chooses his words, well
Wisely, and you’d do well
Too, to read his poems
But there are things
We don’t agree on, I say
‘This’, he says’ that’,
I don’t agree,
Nor does he, with me
I say, ‘I’m a writer’,
He says, ‘No, you’re a poet’
I say, ‘Okay, I’m both’
One thing which we can see
Eye to eye on
And perhaps even agree upon
Is to disagree, even if whole-heartedly
But thinking of this I recall
A saying that I often employ
At least once a week,
For in life there are always
Contrasts and things
That differ, like blatant hypocrisy
Or things that don’t
Quite add up so perfectly
‘same difference’, is the phrase
That someone around me
Might hear me say
Roundabout every third day
Because if you take two things,
This and that, and tit for tat,
You’ll find quite easily
That those two things will always have
one thing in common
One thing, which is the same
Between ‘I’ and ‘you’
The difference
Between the two...

© Dean R Boic 2016 (image courtesy of www.publicdomainpictures.net)


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