Rocket The Profits - POEM

Rocket the profits
Extort every last coin
Every last usable cent
Let them feed our pockets
Line them up
Like a lubricated runway
A straight course
To our ever-growing income
They need to buy food
Price it like it’s gold
They’ll pay, they’ll definitely pay
They need to eat
They need things like electricity,
Bread and milk
Tell them it’s a ‘bargain’
That they’ll never get a better deal
When they get paid
We push those prices up
Because ‘hey, they can afford it’
And those who can’t, well
Fuck them
What do we care?
When it’s the middle of the month
We drop those prices
Nobody will notice
That we can make a profit
Charging half the price
It’s only money
It’s only people
It’s only legal
We feed them
The least they can do
Is rocket the profits

© Dean R Boic 2016


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