Human Nature Or Human Folly - POEM

You have a flare for words...
You have an old soul...
You are wise beyond your years...
You are intelligent...
You’re a friendly, bubbly person
You are funny, witty
And pretty knowledgeable
About things in general...
Those are compliments,
Things anyone might hear
On any given day,
Given, that they have
At least one of those traits
Worth complimenting
Think of a few others
And throw them in there
Mix them up
What have you got?
Let’s call it, good traits..
Now, think,
put on your thinker's hat,
your thinking face
Of the bad, the things
That contrast those good traits
In polar opposition
In stark antagonism
While the good ones relax
Those bad ones work
They move and dance
As if by their own accord
Everyone, or no-one,
Wonders why it’s so
And the answer is simple
It’s human
An oxymoron
In itself
But it goes much deeper
Than you, and I,
and him, and her,
It overflows and seeps into
World-wide, universal reactions
We were put on this Earth
Arguably, to live in harmony
With Nature, not against it.
It should be common sense's not
We're too wrapped up
In common nonsense
You shouldn't have to be told
To consider the consequences
Of your actions on the environment
Or on your fellow man
No-one should have to spoon-feed
Grown men and women
Everyone has flaws,
Everyone makes mistakes
Even JFK wasn't perfect
This is our garden, people,
And we, it's gardeners,
If the flowers die
If the trees wither 
We are no more
We won't be able to breathe
We will cease to exist
And there won't even be
An old man with white hair
And spectacles
Chronicling our mistakes
Into the annals of history
Now I hazard this,
A final question;
Is it indeed human nature
That causes us to exist here
On the good Earth, 
Happily and selfishly,
With blinkers on,
Ruining it
And not even thinking about
or otherwise
There's only one Earth
and many of us
Think about that....

© Dean R Boic 2016 (Image of Earth burning courtesy of


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