Everyone Grab A Spoon - POEM

If you’re driving to work
You’ll need one
You’ll have to remind someone
That the traffic light has indeed
Changed from red to green
And it is indeed, their turn to go
You might need one
When someone decides to cross
A triple lane, dual-carriage way
With cars oncoming
In both fucking directions
like Moses
crossing the Red Sea
You might need one
When someone stops their car
In the middle of the road
To have a long, drawn out conversation
With another person who
Is also parked
In the middle of the road
You’d think
That you’d only need one
To feed your two-year old
But these days
It’s the adults
The big people
The ones with supposed
Common sense
Who need to be

past tense: spoon-fed; past participle: spoon-fed
  1. feed with a spoon.
    "he is spoon-feeding the chimpanzee as one might feed a baby"
    • provide (someone) with so much help or information that they do not need to think for themselves.
      "certain students enjoy finding out things for themselves; others prefer being spoon-fed"

© Dean R Boic 2016 (image courtesy of izquotes.com - quote by Agatha Christie, 'spoon-feed' definition courtesy of Google)


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