There Was A Man - POEM

There was a man.

He traded with the universe.

He bartered a deal.

He would live through

28 years,

Ten months

And 27 days

Of bad luck,

And a plethora of insurmountable odds;

Mountains upon mountains

of seasoned,  yet dry

and callous wit

from Life itself,

that formidable and persistent adversary of his.

Beams of red light

and magical essence in the air,

In a time far from now

The deal was made.

And then came the time

When the agreed upon date

Announced its dawn.

The sun poked up

Like a tenacious cock

That won’t go down.

The man that had bartered the deal,

Who had traded with the Universe.

Had transcended

through space and time.

He had unlocked the full potential

Of the godlike abilities

Of Man.

He had achieved it;

He had achieved his goal

Of proving beyond all reason,

 against all sound literature

And the blind, unnerving faith

Of the pious

And weak,

That Man was greater

And Man chooses his own destiny.

He forges his own path

Through the Chaos.

He was created in the likeness of a deity

In order to best these odds.

His soul was now

In the past,

In the future

And in the present.

And then came the time

And he lucked out.

He had beaten Life.

The final battle was at an end.

The slot machine

Gave in and paid up.

He smiled

and delivered a sucker punch

into the stomach

of Life,

and it was over.

© Dean R Boic 2016


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