Either Way The Penny Drops - POEM

I throw money at the slots,

The casinos,

Trying to make an honest income,

honest enough for me

But it doesn’t stick

It doesn't work

Nothing does

I say to the machine,

“Come on, give me something,

I need it, for my wife and kids”

I savour my beer

And smoke my cigarettes

I put one out

And light another

And try some more

But it doesn’t budge

Some irritating man

Parks his behind

In the chair next to me

And starts watching me

Trying to guage

If I’m winning or not

And he ruins my buzz


I don’t like people

And now there’s a person

Right next to me

Too close for comfort

I hear him breathing

And I’m put off

I go from winning and losing

Going down

And going up again

To feeding money

And getting nothing back

Eventually I get up

And leave...

The irritating man

Immediately sits at my machine,

Shoves his money in

And boom

He wins

The jackpot

and I don't know

who I should be more pissed at;

The machine,

The irritating man



Either way 

the penny drops

It's my loss...

© Dean R Boic 2016 (image courtesy of Wikipedia)


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