A Poem For My Love - POEM

She laughs at my jokes

Or at the very least, understands them

Which for me, A man of few spoken words

Is enough to write about

So that’s what I’m doing

I’m writing about my love

I’m writing about my wife

Who understands me

Who gets me, who on occasion,

Finishes sentences for me

As I, on occasion, do for her

And I do a lot more

Than just that

Yes, for she

Is always on my mind

Whether she knows it, or not,

There is a part of it, devoted,

Which is always thinking thoughts

Of her, and how she is,

Of where she is

And what she is

Which is beautiful

Sometimes she doesn’t think so

But I always do

Actually I know so

Like a fact that cannot be argued

One of those things in life

That don’t get questioned

There is no room for doubt

And so, accordingly,

I have none...

© Dean R Boic 2016


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