The Robber

It was about 2am
I'm not sure exactly
I had gone out
Drinking with a friend
Neither of us had a car
So we walked
I stayed close to the beach
It wasn't far
We drank quite a bit
I don't know the specifics
But I remember
I yelled:
I need pussy."
I was a drunk
Single man
Forgive me
Or don't 
I won't mind
We left
Once again on foot
We'd been walking for maybe
Ten minutes
A dark figure suddenly appeared
A rag over his mouth and nose
Blended him in the shadows
My friend tried to stab him
With a nail file
I didn't know this 
Until he was in my face
He seemed polite
For a robber
Whatever, I leaned on the wall;
The nearest wall,
Someone's yard
He said:
"Give me your cell phone"
I tried to get it out of my pocket
But failed, inebriated as I was
He stuck a gun in my face
And retrieved the phone from my pocket
To me it looked like a water pistol
But whatever
He took the shades off my head
And my fancy cigarette holder
And fucked off
And that was that
I was mainly bummed
About the shades
And the cigarette holder
I stood there
A couple moments
Fucking prick
And walked home

© Dean R Boic 2015


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