New Novel - Back to Normal Price - 2.99$

Greetings once again,

Recently, I posted that my new novel, entitled 'In Progress', was available for free download. It now back to its normal price of 2.99$. Please support my latest endeavour and be sure to leave a rating/review if at all possible.

It is a tale about a journalist who is tired of his job and is sent to a music festival on an island where drugs have recently been legalised. The inhabitants of the island are taking full advantage of this fact, and the protagonist brings his friend along for some real debauchery. Everything goes well until a group of pirates (modern-day, of course) steal from the various stalls on the festival grounds. An adventure begins and the two buddies must find a way off the island. A romance is also in play, and there are various different characters in the book, all unique in their own messed up way.

It can be classified as contemporary urban fiction but also fits into the literary fiction category, as there is a lot of social commentary and it sometimes veers off the plot, of course, for good measure, haha. It is also slightly autobiographical.

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy and support my latest offering.

Have a rocking cool day

Dean R Boic


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