I'm back, sort of

Greetings fellow earthlings,

I have been quiet for some time...Yes, rather quiet in fact. I think that the last time I wrote something on here was over a week ago, and with good reason; see, every third week I have what they call a standby week. I work the normal Monday to Friday but am required to attend to problems after hours, and by after hours I mean all hours. It could be at 4am. It could be at midnight. Bottom line is; if someone has a problem and they phone in, off I go. There are factors which contribute to me not having to drive to a client, but most of the time the phone rings and off I go.

This particular week there have been a few incidents, and in the meantime I am juggling being a husband and father; the two things I enjoy the most (besides writing) which are being sidelined by an insufferable vocation. Bleg. So anyway, that's why I've been quiet.

I might hit up a poem or two still this week, I'm just getting some ammo from good old life and all its jibs and jabs, so watch this space, I guess.

In the meantime, please visit Amazon.com and check out my novels. Each book has reviews and ratings, so if you think I suck go read the reviews. I can't be that bad, considering the reviews are quite decent. Just search for Dean R Boic on Amazon and my two books will pop up. I'm not going to explain what they are, as I've done it so many times on here it seems that this blog is nothing but a marketing tool (hey, I wouldn't mind some sales)

So that's it from me, for now

When life flings shit at you (dodge and) fling it back. I might have borrowed that line somewhat, but I'm sure it's creator won't mind

In other news, I am working on a new novel. It tells the story of a journalist who goes to an island music festival. It is similar to Woodstock, in a way, but set in modern times. The protagonist is a real dick and I am not enjoying writing it at all. I joke; you will have to find out for yourselves when it hits the....shelves, or rather the internet. I don't have money for printing and distribution costs. When my ship comes in I'll think about it

Alright, for real now, good night


Dean R Boic


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