Guardian angel or Guardian luck

It was a saturday
The day after I'd started my new job
I was thrown in the deep end
Swim, boy, swim
They gave me a car 
And sent me off
To a client
To fix their damned
Everything rush rush
I climbed in the car
And sped off
The wind was turbulent
The car shook
And I turned too sharp
On an almost straight road
I tried to turn back
The wheels locked
And the car lunged
Into the bush
I turned again
And the car flipped
And bounced
About 3 times
And I was upside down
But barely injured
A tiny scrape
Guardian angel
Or Guardian luck
Who knows?
But the car;
Guardian angel
Or Guardian luck
I don't know
Needless to say
I didn't make it
To the client

© Dean R Boic 2015


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