Don't Do It Again

We were driving;
2 of us in the passenger seat,
4 in the back
My friend was driving,
Wearing a construction hat
Where he got
From God knows where
We got behind some old woman,
Driving 40km,
We passed her
And the dude next to me
Flipped her the bird,
Threw her the finger,
Raised his middle
Her face was one of utter shock
We died laughing
Next thing, a car pulls up
Next to us
The guy driving signals
For us to follow him
We freak out
"He has our number plate"
"So what? He isn't a cop"
"Hey, isn't your dad a superintendent or something?"
"What, my dad? He doesn't even know I smoke.."
We followed the car 
My friend pulled over
And said:
"Gimme all the chewing gums you have,
Breath sweets."
We yielded
And he went 
The man said he was a retired cop
And we should follow him
To the station
We did so
With much erratic behaviour;
The guy next to me
Painted the picture
Of our asses getting raped,
I smoked ten cigarettes,
The other guy threw his stash out the window
We arrived,
My friend got out
And went in
Moments later he returned,
Sat in the car,
Rolled up the windows
And said:
"We going home, boys."
Later it emerged that the old lady
Had demanded he be locked up
And he had gotten down,
On his knees,
And begged
"Please, officer, I won't do it again, I promise."
It must have been convincing
For the officer
"Ok, don't do it again."
I can't vouch
For if he did it again
But at least
We didn't go to jail

© Dean R Boic 2015


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