Dad Feeling Cool

I have always been a fan
Of the incomplete completeness
Of Nirvana,
The band
It can never resurface, 
Never come back,
And ironically,
Can never die
The enigma, 
The mystery
And the sheer controversy
Of Kurt Cobain
Is frozen in time
Like Han Solo in sealed in carbonite
But tonight
I was slapped awake
With renewed vigour
Revived respect
And a touch of pride
As my daughter,
18 months of age,
Danced to the music
As though she were there
At a live concert
Watching them play,
Lost in the music,
Shaking her head
Like it was nobody's business
Makes you think
Excuse me
While I think on this
With a touch of pride
And a pinch of jealousy
She doesn't know they're gone
She doesn't know they'll never come back
All she knows
Is the music,
The passion;

© Dean R Boic 2015


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