All time low price on my novels: 0.99$

Hi there

As per the heading, I have reduced the price of both my novels to 0.99$. Both novels are available on, just search for Dean R Boic and it will come up.

Detective Don Garcia: Winging it is a crime/comedy short story. I have heard from those who have read it that it is fun to read so please enjoy. I myself enjoyed writing it too, if that counts for anything.

Poems By an Observer of The World is a book of my poems. Laced with sarcastic rebuttles and satire, it will appeal to those who have a slightly twisted sense of humour, and also those who have misgivings about society.

With the price being so low it will take milleniums for me to get a decent profit so by all means please purchase, enjoy, and

Have a good evening

Dean R Boic



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