There is something to be said about writers;
We are a strange breed
We observe the everyday
We observe the norm
Hell, we live it
We immortalize it
Whether we are inspired by it
Or disgusted by it
We create something
We nurture it
And set it free
To roam the pages 
And screens
Maybe get a few comments;
Some flattering
Others distasteful
Or maybe it merits
A giggle or two
Or provokes some thought
At the very least
It has affected someone
In some way
It takes the edge off
Of the daily grind
Someone relates
Someone agrees
Someone feels 
Like it was written for them
Maybe it was
Maybe it wasn't
It matters not
More importantly
A strange person,
A complete stranger
Affected another
By taking in life and all its ugliness
All its beauty
In all its forms
And all its fleeting
And rushing emotions
And squeezing it out
Like water
From a sponge
And then
We do it again
We writers
Are a strange breed

© Dean R Boic 2015


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