POEM: Think About It

Think about it:
What are we searching for?
What do we expect to find
In this great expanse of a universe?
Like turning 
over a rock
And finding 
grass or soil
And anticipating it
We are spoon-fed
From the time
When men first learned
How to speak
How to form words
How to communicate
It all got passed on;
Word of mouth
Handed over
From century to century
Millennium to millennium
Every generation taught
And told, and drilled
On how things should be
How things are
How things were
And how they will be
We are searching, yes
For some semblance
Of an existence
In a world
Where everything that can be done
Has been done
Where everything that can be known
Is known
We are searching
For our own paths
Our own destinies
And we must decide
Whether to accept
The word of mouth
Or think
For ourselves
Think about it

© Dean R Boic 2015


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