POEM: The End Of An Era


He gathered all his remaining strength.
He mustered up the courage.
His mother had been rushed to hospital;
Another stroke’
And the doctor had said he should prepare himself.
She was alive but just barely;
The machine kept her alive but her brain was no longer functional.
She had never shown him love.
She had never treated him fairly.
She’d never spoken of him fondly to anyone.
Yet he stood there,
The only one standing there.
After all the years of resentment,
And he still cared.
How strange and sick that he still cared;
A woman that only had disdain for him,
His mother, who brought him into the world.
He looked at her and didn’t feel the hate that he should.
He asked himself why,
As tears trickled down his cheek.
The cement truck of irony poured its load on him,
And he froze there
To witness the end of an era
And he still cared.
He didn’t know why,
But he still cared.

 © Dean R Boic 2015


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