POEM: Drive, For Fuck's Sake


I have witnessed some strange things
But never before in my life
Have I seen a man
In a fantastic Alfa Romeo
Driving in traffic
No, leading the traffic
At the speed
Of a wheel-chair bound
10 cars drove behind him
Myself included
We trailed along behind him together
Like a convoy towards a funeral
While this man led us
It continued for the longest part
Of ten minutes
The fabrics of reality begin to fade
And anger fills me,
No, pure unfiltered frustration
And I want to yell:
“drive! For fuck’s sake!”
But instead,
I get a gap
I overtake his finely built machine
I pass him in the wind
Finger raised
And I’ve made a victory
Over spoilt politicians
In Alfa Romeo’s
That they shouldn’t own
Never mind drive
At 60km an hour
In an 80km zone
With 10 cars behind them
Not noticing anyone else
Waiting for someone to yell:
“Drive! For fuck’s sake!”


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