POEM: Black Out

I was there
But not there
I was conscious
But not cognizant 
You wouldn't have guessed it
Neither would I
Had I been you
The world was spinning
Like a luminescent rainbow 
I was in a tunnel
Outside the building
Where the party took place
My senses were enhanced
Everything was enhanced
Nothing made sense
It felt like it did
Having had quite a bit
Having imbibed quite a lot
2 hours of my memory
Just gone
Complete and utter
Black out
God knows
What happened in that space
Of time
I awoke in my bed
With scratches all over
And a sticker on my arm
With my nickname
I had conversations
I met people
From what i heard
I remember nothing
Was it a quantum leap?
Did I enter some parallel universe?
Not quite
I simply
Blacked out
Stupid even
I made it home
By some miracle
And awoke in my bed
None the wiser
But none the worse
I simply 
Blacked out
But i do remember
There was a tunnel 
And i passed through it;
The gateway
Between sobriety
And complete and utter
Black out,
Or if you will;
Memory loss
And i'm sure that you
And you,
And you
Have experienced this phenomenon
Maybe not the tunnel
Maybe not in the literal sense
But the
Memory loss
Or if you will
A black out

© Dean R Boic 2015


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