I have published a novel on amazon.

So I've published a novel... it's on amazon.com and titled Winging it: Don Garcia, Private Investigator. The cover might be a deterrent (I say this because it wasn't done by a professional, i asked my brother to help me out), but in any case, maybe I should give a brief outline.
First things first, if you are a conservative, non-liberal dick then my guess is you won't enjoy it. Also, if you don't enjoy excessive use of the F-word. So if any of the above apply to you then you know what to do. Don't ask me to apologise, my apathy cannot be beaten.
So the novel, well actually it's a short story. In a nutshell, it's a comedy of error, a story of madness, an accurate depiction of pure lunacy. The name could imply straight forward crime story stuff, but my aim was really comedy, and balls to the wall direct commentary on society and the norms of today. It's about a man who investigates crimes and takes on a case that's a little different than usual and things just snowball from there. Packed with punch(es) and cigarettes and beer and tits and off-centre jokes.
I hope this post doesn't get deleted. Hey, it is my blog after all.  Give the novel a read. Google it. Go to amazon.com. whatever it is you do.
PS. I suck at marketing and need to promote the shit out of my shit,  and this is part of my feeble attempt. So don't hate me


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