Another one gone
Another one dangling
On the verge
On the edge of a blade
Another one
Missing death 
By mere inches
The length and breadth
Of an eyelash
Another one taken
From God's green earth
Another rose
No longer named
There, beside the epitaph
There, beside the grave
Or another hole
Filled with a box
There, to commemorate the soul
There, paying homage
To the unfulfilled goals
And we know it's inevitable
We knew it would come
Yet we are shocked
There, we feel the loss
There, before it even occurs
Was it willed
Or was it just fate?
Is Heaven recruiting
Once again?
I don't know
Who does?
In this life,
This plane of existence,
What can one say,
But there,
It will be okay

© Dean R Boic 2015


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