POEM: Present

I thought i had escaped it
I thought i was in the clear
I thought it had already happened
Actually, it had
But it was not to be so
I hadn't escaped
I was not in the clear;
Far from it
My daughter
Who had just given her mommy
A present, wrapped in a nappy
Now that mommy had gone
To German class,
Now that mommy was not around
To wipe little bottoms
And dispose of toxic-smelling nappies,
She decided,
Yes, she decided
To make a present
For her daddy
And my oh my,
What a present
It was
I gagged
And coughed
And spluttered
But i held it in
I persevered
I managed
I got through it
And wiped that little bottom
And disposed of that toxic,
Smelling nappy

© Dean R Boic 2015


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