POEM: Appreciation

Lazing about
A summer's day
The clouds wind and twist
Forming shapes as they hang 
there Upon Earth's revered ceiling
The wind whispers its age-long truth;
Wisdom and knowledge that no man knows,
History and remembrance where no mind goes
Yet men claim such as their birthright 
Men speak thus of their insight
Of days and times when they did not exist
When barren lands were just that; barren lands
And lands that were once fertile
And rich and ever green
Are today spoiled by those
Lazing about
On summer days
Gazing at
The clouds winding and twisting
In their ever-randomising shapes
The wind whispering to us all
Of its wisdom, knowledge
History and remembrance
It doesn't demand it
But it is well-deserved
So gaze upon those clouds
Listen to the wind
And may your soul be filled
With quiet

© Dean R Boic 2015


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