POEM: An observation on protest action

So it rained last week
For about a week
It was the most rain we've had in some time
Yet we needed it
It was rough,
But we sure needed it

So the rain stopped,
and it was like they lay in wait
The sun came up,
And they began protesting
Blocking the roads,
Burning tyres
Burning vehicles
Stoning people
Getting shot at by police,
With rubber bullets
Shops weren't able to open their doors
People couldn't get to work
As the taxi drivers were striking too
God knows why they were striking
the whole thing was about a shortage of teachers

But how does the act of illegal protest
Of tyre burning
And rubber bullet displays
Create more teachers?

How the hell
How the devil
How the heck
I don't know

Just be thankful for the rain I say


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