Irony - POEM

It's not about fame

It's not about money

It's not about

Material things

Things, things and things

It's not even about

Being liked

All of the above

Are things that I detest

Things that I don't need

It’s about currency

Unfortunately, but not wantonly

It's about getting to a point

Where one can exist

In reasonable comfort

And an arguable degree peace

And that's something

One apparently cannot 

Without all

Of the above

Afore-mentioned things

Things, things, and more things

Things that I detest

And that's what I call


Isn’t it great

Isn’t it magical

To need something so desperately

That you don’t necessarily want...

That some of us despise

Or detest it

Is no surprise


Is currently

Master and boss 

Of all

And we’ll just bite

The bullet of Irony

For all


© Dean R Boic 2016 (image courtesy of


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